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Ultimate Edinburgh Nightout!!

We at Club Tropicana want you to have the best night out in Edinburgh.  Which means we have decided to give some suggestions as to where and how to start your ultimate night out… of course finishing it off with 70s and 80s nostalgia right here at Club T!!BALLIE


First off, the staff at Club tropicana Edinburgh can personally recommend the new ball pit bar Ballie Ballerson.  Located on Forrest Road the novelty bar is in prime location for dinner before you get “balls deep” at the coolest cocktail bar in Edinburgh.

It is the first of its kind outside of London with a novelty retro feel, a cocktail menu with all the classics (some with their own twist) and of course their signature ball pit!! … Oh and I forgot to mention their giant slide which takes you from the ball pit back downstairs to your drinks and, importantly, the bar!

Don’t underestimate Ballie Ballerson… the wall to ceiling mirrors in the ball area, heated ball pit and amazing décor it is an experience not to be missed… to top it off they have their own DJ who plays banging tunes… from 00s cheesy pop to today’s R and B hits!!

And there’s more where that came from …

Club Tropicana is the place to be for a night spent listening to the best 70s and 80s tunes… with a huge selection of drinks, cocktails, pitchers or even a fishbowl of your cocktail of choice!! If you get there soon enough from Ballie Ballerson, make sure to get on the guestlist for FREE entry before 11pm

OR if you’re really celebrating, opt in for the VIP treatment where you get FREE entry, 20% OFF wristbands and your OWN Booth looking onto our retro dancefloor.

Whichever you decide to do we recommend you pre-book to experience the full retro night out in Club Tropicana Edinburgh!!


Our customers absolutely love a night out at Bongos Bingo before finishing their night through our doors… Whether you are celebrating (or commiserating) your winnings (or losses) Club Tropicana is the best place to be…

If you’re feeling blue we have a Blue Lagoon Fishbowl Cocktail which is sure to cheer you up… and who can stay sad while listening to George Michael singing of free drinks on holiday??

We of course have plenty of other drinks and deals to celebrate… from sparkling prosecco (or some Moet if you’re feeling fancy), bottles of Grey Goose to a cheekier option of a jug of Venom.

Whatever drink or package deal you choose you will not be disappointed in choosing Club Tropicana as your final stop on your night out in Edinburgh!!

Lots of Love,

Club Tropicana Edinburgh

            (Shots and Spirits… there’s enough for everyone)


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Einburgh’s Retro Nightclub

In Edinburgh, Club Tropicana is the best place to be if you’re looking for a retro throwback night. The most popular and loved retro nightclub in Edinburgh, Scotland.